Come join us for an enriching learning experience for your Pre-schooler at affordable rates at Tracie's Place!

My Philosophy is to provide your child with high quality care as well as education in a nurturing home environment.  My goal is to ensure that both parents and children can go through their day feeling comfortable and at ease about their child care arrangement.  Through play, age appropriate curriculum and daily activities combined with my experience and education in the field, my hope is to provide both child and parent with a positive experience.  am personally rewarded by seeing a happy, healthy child at the end of the day!

My Program is designed to focus on the five major areas of development: Physical Gross/Fine Motor Skills, Social/Emotional Development, Learning Strategies, Critical Thinking Skills, Communication, Language and Literacy.  

My curriculum for Pre-School/Pre-Kindergarten students includes: Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Creative Arts, Music, Outdoor/Indoor Free Play.

Age appropriate learning is held in a relaxed in-home atmosphere and comfortable, safe place for your child to learn.  Working out of my home adds the element of a family environment in a controlled setting contributing to the comfort level of everyone involved.

I will communicate with parents using daily reports addressing meal-time, nap time, general disposition and the pits and peaks of your childs day!

Please contact us right away to secure a spot for your child.  We are also available for part-time care as well.  Once you call and schedule an interview, we can arrange for you to come in and see our space and provide you with a parent Handbook of Policies and Directives about Tracie's Place.  We look forward to hearing from you!          

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****Limited Enrollment!!!  Please contact us right away to schedule an interview!